Session_18_ Flat Works
Private View Tuesday 21st June 2011_5-9
Show open 22nd - 26th June 2011
Rehearsel Sunday 26th June_5pm

at Summer Fayre, OUTPOST, Norwich (link)

Nina Beier
Marcel Broodthaers
Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez
Alistair Frost
Olivier Richon
Cally Spooner

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Press release

For Session_18_ Flat Works Am Nuden Da present five works selected on their merit as flat; that flatness relating to the exhibition walls and floor (viewing space), the flatness of the image space (representation) and the dreariness of such groupings (institutional categorisation).

Having staged this reductive contextual arrangement within which the works exist, Cally Spooner in collaboration with Am Nuden Da, will, within the spatial and temporal limits of the exhibition, set out to produce a piece of writing to be delivered as a rehearsal on the closing night of the exhibition.

Session_18_ Flat Works introduces these five works as autonomous objects before appropriating them as catalysts to attempt a redevelopment upon the strict structures of their display and classification. The purpose of the exercise is to create a general space in which flatness can be considered applying multiple understandings as: dogma, aesthetic definition, and as possibility.

The following works are included: What Follows Will Follow III (Portrait - Jeans) , 2011 by Nina Beier, Carte du Monde Poétique , 1968 (1994 Tinaia facsimile) by Marcel Broodthaers, Kinds of Memory and Memory Itself , 2010 by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, What ryhmes with failed marriage? , 2011 by Alistair Frost, Literary Realism (with Carrot) , 2000 by Olivier Richon.