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Sunday 14 August 2011

Attempts at identifying reason came to an abrupt halt. Several men, dressed in an equal fashion, are refusing further involvement. This moment, and perhaps any future moment, looks like a potential standoff. Things have come to a freeze, if you like. Time and its consequence are being ignored.

This Sunday the 14th, a group of people are expected to gather on the Mall, under the Arc at Trafalgar Square, in an attempt to push matters forward. The meeting has been called by an independent body; their ambition, which was made public earlier this morning, is to claim a right.

After a rather long time of hoping and observing, we have decided the time has come for personal involvement! Several people of what you might call 'exceptional talent' have failed. Not only does it make them look silly, it also jeopardises the future of others.

The gathering planned for Sunday the 14th is, if not outright pathetic, then a means to nothing. Nothing.

We have been involved in incredibly serious and arduous discussions. We have gone out of our way to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of thoughts and we think, and believe, that any attempt at disrupting matters at this stage will only lead to further confusion and a potential absolute downfall.

Falling flat on your face, breaking a few ribs, losing a little skin might be healthy.

Get up.

Am Nuden Da invites you for drinks on Sunday the 14th August 2011 from 5-6pm in the Nash room at the ICA, London.