Saturday the 17th of October 2009_6-9
An evening of lectures.

Lucy Clout
Toril Johannessen & Sidsel Meineche Hansen
Cally Spooner

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Press release

Am Nuden Da is proud to present three new works by artists Lucy Clout, Toril Johannessen & Sidsel Meineche Hansen, and Cally Spooner.

Session_6_LECTURE will consist of three presentations, each one negotiating the territory between performance and the academic lecture. The works will rely on the traditional status of the lecture, while simultaneously taking it into the sphere of art, foregrounding potentials and faults integral to their nature.

The works presented in Session_6_LECTURE are:

The Generic Stone: a lecture/performance/object work by Sidsel Meineche Hansen & Toril Johannessen. The artists have had a stone fabricated in a laboratory, which they present, integrated into a lecture. The format poses itself aside from the academic tradition of an explanatory rationale or argument, occupying itself rather with the process of manufacture.

Lucy Clout will present a new live work yes||yes. A monologue, animated via foot sounds, which takes as its beginnings an examination of language, power and display within art/performance.

Cally Spooner’s performance relates to theatrical as well as academic conventions. A Solo Event For Thinking is an essay - delivered by Dulcie Joslyn, directed by Cally Spooner, structured by George Orwell.

The performances will take place on the evening of Saturday 17th October from 7-9pm. Am Nuden Da will be open from 6pm when the stone and other props used in the works will be exhibited.


6.00 Open

7.00 Sidsel Meineche Hansen & Toril Johannessen – The Generic Stone

8.00 Lucy Clout – yes||yes

8.30 Cally Spooner – A Solo Event For Thinking

There will be a short interval between each of the performances


Am Nuden Da is an independent artist-run space in East London.

Am Nuden Da
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